“In Winter 2013, I recruited 8 students interested in establishing a new online journal that would provide a venue for any student in the life sciences to publish their best writing, art, poetry and video. Since its inception, The Aggie Transcript has had 15 dedicated student editors and 45 published submissions. The editors gain experience in web design, soliciting and editing submissions, recruiting and training new student editors, and working as a team to develop their vision for the future of the journal. In the Fall of 2015, Katie Rodger from the UWP program was recruited by the students as a co-faculty advisor. Dr. Rodger offers new perspectives on best practices in writing, editing, and publishing.  My long-term vision is that the Aggie Transcript model will be adopted by students from other disciplines on campus and serve as an umbrella for a suite of discipline-specific Aggie Transcript journals (e.g. Aggie Transcript-Engineering). Working with The Aggie Transcript editors has been one of my most rewarding experiences at UC Davis.”

-Sean Burgess

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

An undergraduate life sciences journal at UC Davis

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