We are recruiting new editors on a rolling basis.

Description: Editors will work together to manage the journal and are expected to solicit and review submission articles, as well as to submit their own pieces of original writing. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone hoping to gain valuable experience in critical analysis, strengthen their written communication, and share their work with others at UC Davis and beyond!

*Editors are offered 1 unit of credit for participation.

Responsibilities of an editor:
  • If selected, need to attend weekly meetings
  • Read and review submissions on a weekly basis
  • Contribute new submissions
  • Plan and participate in publicizing events on campus (e.g. making flyers, handing out flyers,  sending out emails to different list serves, advertising on social media, etc.)
  • Work with other editors to develop content ideas for the journal
How to apply: submit your resume, cover letter, and your school schedule
  • The cover letter should discuss why you are interested in being part of The Aggie Transcript, what you can bring to the journal, and what you hope to gain from this experience.

An undergraduate life sciences journal at UC Davis

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